Instagram is one of the ever-growing social media platforms in the competitive world, with 1 billion monthly users and 500 million daily users. It has less competition and a more engaged audience when compared with other social networks like Facebook and Twitter. 

Instagram offers excellent opportunities for brands to market their products and to reach their target audience without spending more money. Since it is a video and photo-sharing application, it has the potential to reach a massive audience. Use these five helpful tips to master your Instagram for business. 

1. Try IGTV

Instagram TV is a new feature that allows everyone to upload 10 minute long videos. Since it is a long video that offers plenty of opportunities to create fun and engaging content to boost your follower’s growth. Creating a series of videos is one of the best ways to increase your video engagement rate. You can easily buy IGTV likes to boost your video engagement instantly. 

Benefits of using IGTV for your brands:

  1. IGTV can be 60 seconds to one hour long and offers huge opportunities for creativity.
  2. The following tap in IGTV allows your followers to easily access your new content. 
  3. IGTV is an additional platform to promote your video content to a higher level. 
  4. IGTV allows you to share one-minute video previews to increase your content visibility and discoverability. 
  5. Instagram users can leave comments on IGTV videos that will be visible to other users. 

The popularity of long videos is increasing, so it is the best time to start your experiment. 

2.Make Use Of Instagram Stories

More than 500 million people are using Instagram Stories every day, and many people said they like to see stories posted by brands or businesses. Since it live for only 24 hours, it has the potential to attract more audience attention. 

Benefits of using Instagram stories for your business

  1. Stories are displayed on the top of the screen under the Instagram logo
  2. You can use stories to post behind the scene, polls, and stickers.
  3. Use stories to experiment with filters, photos, and live videos. 
  4. Tag other accounts in your stories to collaborate and build relationships with them.
  5. Use hashtags and location tags to make your connect discoverable.
  6. Add CTA in your stories to encourage your followers to interact with you.

Create stories in a fun and engaging way to attract your audience and increase your brand awareness to higher. 

3.Expand Your Reach With Hashtags

Hashtags have the potential to expand your brand reach and help you to find a target audience for your Instagram account. Make sure to use branded hashtags such as (#yourcompanyname) or (#yourbrandname). This type of hashtag helps people to find your content when they search for a similar one like you.

On Instagram, you can add 30 hashtags in every post but always have the best practice to include three to five hashtags in each post. You can use your niche hashtag and the more trending hashtags to increase your content visibility. Additionally, you can add hashtags to your stories and reels to find new audiences to your profile. 

4. Add Advantage of Instagram Reels

Instagram has recently launched a new feature reel that allows every brand and user to record 15-second videos. Reels allows you to share photos and videos on the platform and offers new ways for brands to promote their business. If you are a brand and trying to increase your content reach, buy Instagram reels likes to boost your reels video engagement. 

Benefits of using Instagram reels for your brand

  1. Allows users to create 15-second quality videos
  2. You can add filter, audio, and AR effects
  3. Help you to get your content on the explore page
  4. It will increase your follower’s engagement

Add all these strategies while creating a winning Instagram marketing for your business to reach your business goals and succeed on the platform.