A consistent aesthetic and the practice of social listening are key components to building engagement. In the theoretical sense, most digital marketers understand the value of having an Instagram account. As the social media landscape becomes more competitive, it is essential to take advantage of all aspects of Instagram at your disposal in order to be noticed. To measure your success, you must look at engagement: the measure of whether your profile attracts individuals who are interested in what you have to say.  The best thing you can do is to buy Instagram likes monthly and attract more people incline towards your content on Instagram. You should measure success in terms of engagement: that is, whether or not your profile draws the interest of those who are seeking to learn more about what you have to say. Learn how you can improve your chances of obtaining the engagement you need, whether you are using ads or not.

Develop your visual brand

Think about your profile: what makes it memorable? How well are you utilizing the time and resources you have at your disposal? In the long run, setting parameters for your Instagram profile’s visual branding will save you plenty of time, as it provides you with a set of simple guidelines to follow.

  • How to use the brand logo
  • Graphic elements specific to a brand
  • Styles of profile photographs
  • Emojis or special characters you prefer

The process of defining these ahead of time not only makes it easier to design future posts, but it also reinforces a consistent image in your audience’s mind. By doing so, the next time one of your posts appears in their feed, they will immediately associate it with your brand – no account name is necessary.


Do you want to portray your brand as professional and composed?  What about modern and minimalist? There is nothing wrong with being fun and quirky – it depends on what’s defined in your broader digital marketing plan. Considering Instagram is a hotbed of visual stimulation, content that appeals to the eye is sure to be rewarded. There will be a point, however, when Instagram content will look very similar. Use your knowledge of how to use your brand colors to combat this. It is beneficial to be as creative as possible. Variate your posts by including a branded border on one post or a stark contrast on another. There should be a variation of posts that include elements that are similar but functionally differ. It is much easier to accomplish this with a good photo editing application on your smartphone. It is also important that you apply this to your Stories posts as well.

Social Media Listening

To put it simply, social media listening is the process of conducting research. In addition to keeping your eyes open for new trends, monitoring what people are saying about your brand, and building a community through interaction, keep an eye out for current and upcoming trends. If you can find the pulse of conversations just waiting to take place, you can skyrocket your engagement. Putting together the right context, keywords, and hashtags before posting the right things at the right time, can lead you to the epicenter of any trend.You can accomplish this through Instagram’s built-in features. The Instagram Stories tagged with your Brand can now be viewed in ‘Creator’ mode, where you can click to view and easily share. Keeping up with notifications in Direct Messages is much more convenient than letting them accumulate. Using the Explore tab, you can also access trending hashtags on Instagram and their accompanying posts, which you can browse to see what important influencers in your field are talking about.


Make sure you integrate Instagram into your digital marketing strategy, maintain confidence in your brand, and interact with your followers.